Daydream Dystopia

With its punk fired scrowl and ska driven tremours

Radical Dance Faction skitter over the failing cracks of known ground.

They seek a new future formed by their founding father Chris Bowsher,

Whose fights through class admit fervour to these urgently phrased workman’s

Sound. Daydream Dystopia shows the mire we have allowed to grow over,

Our heads for the rolling are for the first time in danger of the axe wealding elite

We despise. And so the album begins with a call to arms and fresh faces

As the ‘restless sea’ moving to us is seen and challenged in the song

Youth remixes these songs in an accompanying album.

As chords mutate his song portals reveal an entirely new kind of life.

His producing hands make the film that turn each ear and heart into actors

Who understand that the language they are formed to serve is sun bright;

It is the language you sense behind from and muscle; the body moves and engages,

Fusing what is heard with fresh light. And so, the Dystopia warps, music deepening

Across promise to show that the sounds of the future in Bowsher’s words,

would,could and should’ be better than the broken hands we’ve been dealt.

The Radical Dance dances on.

Fuck the known news.

Find the future.

You are the faction

There to recognise the sparked glory

In everything you once felt.

David Erdos International Times